I, DAVE WALLACE, in my last will and testament hereby bequeath the following: To Mr. Mulderink a couple of new spring-carts for a decent head-on collison. To Mark Johnson lots of slide oil to keep that new slide in shape. To Roth and Kotas the winning tradition of the tennis team and a can of used tennis balls. To Hatstat a high bar to take with him to Annapolis. And, finally, to Jean lots of luck in your last year at O.L.C.H.S., thanks for all the wonderful times we've had together, and last, but not least, I leave you all my love.


I, DIANNE DOUVILLE (DOUEY), being of sound mind and body (sometimes) leave to O.L.C.S. all my crazy junior, sophomore, and freshman friends. To Miss Sheri Williams I leave Paul Newwan. To the German IV class I leave Mr. Gahala and lots of luck. To Jan (Sis) I leave seances, jelly beans, and our crazy pranks. To Kim I leave his locker combination. To Mr. Hess I leave my morning Hi. To Miss Quinn I leave a little time and many thanks. To everyone I’ve gotten to meet and like in my four years I leave my friendship.


I, THALIA GEORGIS, being of sound mind and body do bequeath the following: to Ann DeAngelis all of Pep Club and all of the fun we had together at basketball games, to Bill Skelly all the girls at Carthage College, to Judy Erickson the 1970 Wrestling Team and all of the wonderful times we had timing at the wrestling meets and all the times we went through and wrestling goes to Diane Spajer, also a Rules of the Road book for Florida highway and a map of Miami. To Sue Campbell the pyramid made out of beer cans in Florida, to Cheri Westbrook all the guys because she gets them all, to Jan Harris all the memories of gym class and everything wonderful at ISU, to Diane Douville all the memories of dieting and apples, to Linda Darnell all of the happy club memories, to Vince Gentuso his shoes that have all the buttons, to C. J. Kupec all of his teasing, and to all the students at O.L.C.H.S. I leave a school filled with many happy and a few sad memories.


I, TERRY POREMSKI, being of sound mind and fine body, do hereby transcribe my last will and testament: to my dearest friend, Henrietta, I leave my luscious liver salad recipe. To Warren Jones I leave a ticket to the next Wendee Ward Fashion Show. To Mr. Yara I leave a Cha-Cha-Baby Teddy Bear. To Razza Rus I leave a chocolate sundae with nuts. To Burt Wienmen I leave White Castles parking lot for the rebuilding of his new Ford car lot. To Bill Kruder I leave all the English versions of my French IV books. To the Lunch-Bunch and Before Lunch-Bunch kids I leave my milk cup, four pennies and a red balloon. To Nancy Rennee I leave my false teeth. To Turts I leave the Bottles Cloud Company. To my sister, I leave my official Oak Lawn Community High School tardy passes, in the hopes she will use them as well as I did. To the rest of the poor unfortunates of this beloved institution, I leave.


I, SAMERA EASSA, being of sound mind and body, leave a large jar of tartar sauce for Terry Basile, Kathy Begy and Chris Donaldson.



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