I, STEVE REARDON, having completed four joyous years at O.L.C.H.S., do leave my worldly possessions to the following: To Mister Dreger (my favorite coach), I leave three broken springs, many empty rolls of tape, a thousand excuses and peace of mind. To Mister Stoy (my favorite coach), I leave one cracked tensor, cans of muddy tennis balls and three holey right tennis shoes. To John Ketas (my doubles partner), I leave three left tennis shoes and a roll of tape to hold them together. And to Mister Christian, I leave one study hall full of "studious freshman". Take it light, all.


I, FRED FARAGHER, leave my dirty football jerseys to Charlie Eggert, seeing that he follows me in true form. To Marty Spicer I leave my empty Ripple bottles so he can sniff the fumes. I leave my old '59 Plymouth to anyone who wants it. I leave my phone number to any girl that wants it, 425-8133. To Larry Capretz I leave internal suspension. And to Sue I leave my heart, or at least what's left of it.


I, CINDY VASHKELIS, I leave to Mrs. Zintek my green coffee pot. To Miss Hempstead I leave wonderful memories of me and a typewriter. And last, but not least, to everyone I leave the past and 1 yrs. of being an old married bag.


I, DAVID VANDERWEIT, do lcave to Mr. Jaslowski one year's supply of jerk marks, to Mr. Astrauskas an extra large toad, and to Mr. Jolly-Olly Edwards a set of batteries for his radio. To Bruce Porebski a case of Nutriment, to Scott Spirakes a tube of tackle and to Jim Klimmek a 2year mortitioners course, to Merry Stenbom a new wig, to Mike Hayes a Morraine Valley Scholorship, to Bob Wiltshire my complete collection of Hercules comic books, and to Tom Talsma a new 9-passenger station wagon and finally, to Mr. Holmgren a weight set.


I, TERRIE BASILE, being of questionable mind and sick body leave to Anne Bruck a laughing box, Dale Kackert a padded golf club, to Kathie Begy the golden ear award, to the librarian and the administrators 12 hours of guard duty at Joliet State Prison (to get in practice for next year), and to Jeannine McGarry I leave bronzed toe shoes, to Michelle Conzo a library she can visit without a hassle. To Nancy Antonitas a giant size chocolate chip rabbit. To Samera Eassa a year's supply of Italian Ice and to all of the underclassmen, a lot of luck.


I, SHIRLEY SKLENICKA, being of sound mind bequeath the bus to anyone who can stand riding on it. To Jill and Laura I leave one seat for you to fight over. To Terry I leave Randy. To Miss Dorne I leave more serious incoming seniors than our class was.


I, IRENE OMEARA, of bright brains and body leave to all the kids in the school all the pity I have. I leave to Linda my watch, to Kim my old books, to Diane my art, and to Lynn my lunch. To Bruce a handful of crumps.




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