I, BOYD SPRINGER, being sick and crazy leave the following items to the following people: to Cindy Dodd I leave the throne. To Scott I leave B.B., S.J., etc., etc,. etc. To Mark I leave a six pack and C.F. To R.B.P. I leave Pachinko and 614 broken reeds. To Karen I would like to leave Vanachen’s function and Pere Marquette. To Herr Mulderink I leave Matrix algebra and only two classes. To OLCHS, the AFT. To the Spartan Band I leave 24 out of tune clarinets and two contra-altos. Finally to the math dept. I leave our colleagues, and to Dan, Pam and Lynn, I leave Pam, Dan and Lynn.


I, LINDA FIJALKIEWICZ, being all here as of this writing bequeath the following: to Judy Fritts, my trusted friend and confidant, I leave my accumulation of old school papers; to Holly Faccin, I leave an autographed picture of Snoopy; to Linda Edgren, I leave a bent golf club; to Florence Benoit, I leave a heart felt thanks for coming to OLCHS and for being my close friend; to Paul Cump, I leave a crummy, rusty, ink-clogged red plastic pen; to Glen Dietrick, I lea~e all the beautiful long-haired girls in the world; to Sean Nettle, I leave my worn book of "Hobbit."


I, LAURA CREMENT, being of unsound mind and body leave to Mrs. T a year's supply of golf balls, and to Kathy Ruhl I leave a collection of "gross-outs" and a "pooch it up". To Deb Magnuson I leave memories of Sunday night celebrations. To Pam and Steve I leave a bottle of Bali-Hai. To cracker I leave a clipper for her nails, dancing lessons my shoulder to cry on and a Suki Tuki Auki. To Sue Stanek, I leave directions to her 13th period class and a watch. To Rob I leave a "Boo!" I leave my brother 3 more years of bliss and I leave my heart to "Chipmunk". P.S. To Sue House I leave everybody’s old boyfriends.


I, JOAN WANEK, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave the following possessions: To Miss Dorne I leave my chewed apart P.E. blouse. To Jan I leave "H.D." To Bob K. I leave my black leotards (among other things).


I, RALPH ENDE, leave to OLCHS my thanks for all the help it has given me for my future at college. I also leave my good-bye forever because I'm Very glad to get away from here and move onto better things, as all must do someday. I Plan to go to Augustana College and study to become a lawyer, maybe, for I'm not so sure yet. Then aftermy junior year in school I will marry and make my wife very happy always, and will promise to be the greatest husband to her. I will then finish school and make well for me and my family. To my girl that I leave behind, I leave my everlasting love and to the world I leave Peace eternally.


(ANONYMOUS) To Mrs. Zientek I leave a blossom and a petunia. To Mrs. Ackerman I will be the biggest tart in the world. I will my Shorthand book to Gayle with luck. And to Connie I leave her with Art. To Miss Dorn I leave 1,000 golf balls.



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