I, HERB BRIGGS, not knowing how my mind sounds, do hereby bequeath the following things to the following people. To Brian McCartey: I leave a Chicago album and a packet of seeds. To my distinguished and most valiant forensics coach, Mr. Leary, I leave the "Unabridged Dictionary of Learyisms" and luck for next year's team. To Tom Sheldon, I leave a copy of John Steinbeck's the "Pearl" and to Mr. Gahala I leave a written lesson and about 2,000 hours of my life. Goodbye, Oak Lawn. Ah, that I can finally say that!


I, LYNNE SCARAVILLE, being of sound mind and questionable body, do hereby bequeath to Michele Dorian, to Mr. Yara, a real baton, to W.C. Hill Jr. Morraine Valley, Starved Rock, a new podium, a lifetime supply of chalk, an extra janitor and forged library passes, and to the underclassmen ptomaine poisoning, internal suspension, the SSS, and a huge good luck.


I, TERRY CUFF, being of sound mind and body bequeath the following: To Lynn Boyle I leave a summons pass; to Rick Schuberth and Sue Goblisch I leave a shower curtain; to Miss Heskin I leave a year's supply of eyebrow pencil; to Miss Baumeister I leave my cancerous chickens; to Bev Stehno I leave grunchies and a little of my poise (if I can spare some); and to all the underclassmen I leave a lot of luck for your years at OLCHS- you'll need it.


I, LINDA MIDDLETON, leave to Sue Pork a package of Smokey Links. To Jan our 18th on the 16th. To Nancy Lauterjung I leave a big fishing hook and the city of Joliet. To Jim Klimek I leave one last Contuti- remember, Jim? To Vicky Ruzgis I leave one possum and a wild pitcher. To Mutt across the street I leave 13 years of friendship. To Jan Filicicchia I give a monstrous Boobad. To Dore last summer. To Jerry Grosz a sock with a hole in it. Merry Stenbom some new secrets. To Patti Kardes and Betty Zick, lO little Fakowees.


THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF KATHIE SENDRA: To the librarians, I leave the Freshman library aides. To Gail I leave the old dusty, crummy, ripped magazines. To Mr. Mulderink, I leave my lab Books, solar reflector, and the sophomores. To Mrs. Taday, I leave my collection of late passes from Miss LeClaire. To Arline, I leave my friendship and wishes for success and happiness. To Miss LeClaire, I leave my tears, problems, joys, and sincere thanks. To everyone else at OLCHS, I leave.


SUSAN GOBLISCH  To Gail Johnson I leave one door, a golf ball and 16 servings of tapioca pudding. To Renee Fencl I leave B.W. To Beverly Stehno I leave the stars in her blouse. In addition to my lab hood. To Rick I leave one line from "Respect" To Pam Gabry I leave the number 10. Mrs. Ackermann. I'll take Fred with me. To John Tasker I leave one sunburnt side of my face and arm. To Terry Cuff I leave one red mark from the trampoline? To Miss Baumiester "I'll take your test tube breaker with me".


GARY HANLINE  For the Betterment of the Whole: To Mr. Lynch I leave what is needed, to coach Dreger my condolences for the coming, to the school I leave what is left, to you all I leave in the Middle of Town, in the Town of Oak Lawn, in the County of Cook, in the North of the State, in the state of Confusion; nothing but stierscheiss and nothing more.



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