I, CHERI WESTBROOK, being of sound mind (which is a shock after 4 years of this place) do hereby leave to all the stdents of O.L.C.H.S. my locker, and all the IBM cards the school sent me before school each year that were never thrown away but never used either. I also leave to Tracy Bishop all the future basketball  games and all the memories they hold. To Miss Bury I Leave Pat and to compensate for that hardship I leave Tracy and Mike, You'll need them. To Gary, Dave, Tracy, Mel and Dave I Leave Mr. A. I don't know what you'll do with him, but what ever, good luck!! And to Judy, Thalia and Tracy P. All the tears, laughing and fun, and all our memories which will never be forgotten as long as I live.


I, CAROL CONSTANTINE, leave to my sister Pat, a senior year that will be as much fun as mine was: To Anne a banana peel; To Dale, a peanut butter banana, marshmallow and raisen cinnamon bread sandwich. To Maria, a set of fingers. To Cyd, fun on the job. Cafeteria staff the “I Hate To Cook” book. Lynn, the game co-ordination. Miss Dorne, and Miss Hohn, words to my song, Mrs. Olson, a box of paper clips, Mrs. T. a whistle, To all my friends and OLCHS I leave the memories of me and to Holly, a bag full of brilliant ideas.


I, ALAN GORECKI, being of hopeless mind and body leave the following: To John I leave my position of the yearbook staff…to Mr. Woj. I leave my six foot eraser for its annual use ....to Pat I leave the worlds record for the mile.., to the ‘72 year book staff I leave the task of topping Our book.


I, DEBBIE NESS, being of slight moundy body, Leap madly away into my future leaving ..... Mr. Storer; the geometric mobile I never got back .... Mr. Astrauskas; the fantastic story I never got back ....Mr. Hess; His man-eating chalk....Miss Baumeister; any stray cats I come across .... Mrs. Jurka; 20 Laps .... Miss Dawid; all the plaster she can swallow at one sitting .... Chris Schmidt; Little Lennon ....All who have known and Loved Me; an 8x10 color glossy of Judy Collins Jesus-Freaks; a message from the Man to "pass it on" ....High School in general; Halls full of rememberings.


I, JAMES PRATT, To the Juniors I leave 1 year of headaches, To the Sophmores I leave 2 years of headaches, To the freshmen I leave 3  years of headaches . To the Teachers I leave eternal frustration. To my friends and enemies I leave my phone number unlisted. To my coach I leave a pair of undesirable socks in my locker. And to my favorite teacher of all time, Mr. Crispe, I leave.


I, SUE UNGER, being of sound mind and body leave Mr. Sovereen a Mile high fin; to Lisa I leave a bottle of right time; To the Jets the Lincolnway game; To Mike Goloti I leave a pair of dancing shoes; and last but not least I Leave Big Barb nothing, and I take Fred with me.



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