I, MICHELE PURPURA, being of a somewhat sound mind and body leave to my beloved instructor Billy Hill my prize pink rat. And to my rat I leave the hallowed halls of the geography room. May you and Mr. Hill be very happy together. To Dorian I leave all the memories of my Florida trip. To Coach Derengowski I leave 500 empty baby food jars, and 1000 dirty diapers. To Mr. Dunn I leave one ton of dirty, smelly, rotten sneakers plus one smashed driver's training car. To Miss Dorne I leave 1 pair of satin tinipumps and to Mr. Burdan I leave a dozen insults in return for all he has given me.


I, MARY ANNE BURNS, leave to Mrs. A. one shade for the east window in the lab; Miss Dorne, Sue and Mary 10 free golf lessons with Mrs. Palmer; Connie an iron fist to run the club with; Kathy one "Think Big" poster and a new chauffeur; to J. L. and H. W. a ton of bacon sandwiches; Kasley, Montague, and Chalupa memories for so many different things; Cindy a happy life ahead without Kinney's; and to all my other friends, I hope you make it out of here soon.


I, “BUFFY” JUSTUS, being of blah-blah mind and unthinking body do hereby want to bequeath the following: one Ivory soap apple to Seal, four years of speech courses and the book "10,000 Easy Words To Learn and Use In Your Vocabulary" to Mr. Bruce C. Duff, and the birdcage to Ron Debelak. I also want to leave a supply of tootsie pops to myself, and C. J. to Pat and Sue. To Cheryl Salihar, I leave patience and the ability to endure choir next year. Finally, I give my trails and tribulations of the photography editor of the Spartanite to the Dersen of distinction who gets the job. Oh, yeah! And my Time magazines to Mrs. Tomchin. Also to Bruce a yellow and purple bath tub.


I, JUDY ERICKSON, leave the following: to Miss Dorne a truckload of sod to replace that R. E. IV golfers destroyed. To Mrs. Tomchin an exciting class without me. To Ricken a fwopper, glopper and slop forever. To Nickey Mr. Lathrop and our computer fix-ups. To Gus all the battle scars she's accumulated and don't get too attached. To my brother, Kurt, 2 more years of _______.  To Gwen Sullivan a 6 foot Tweetie without a cage. To Pam Patterson 3 B's. To Vince a suntan. To Skelly, his lost sense of humor. At last, I leave.


I, PAM PATTERSON, being of sound mind and body, wish to leave my last will and testament to the following: To Shelly Ito I leave Ah-so Ito!; To Miss Wagner I leave open windows; to Beth Busch I leave the RH; to Phil I leave state championship '74; to the JP’s I leave Mrs. T’s talks, to Tracy I leave the Y; to Athena I leave an unbalanced treasury report; to Miss Hohn's and Miss Van's 2-3 period gym class I leave all the fun we had and next year's pepper. To all my ‘71 friends I leave you my love.


I, REENIE FARKEL, of questionable mind and body (?) leave for Sue and Gail, my name, Fred. For Strom, I leave my ring in trade for the picture of Woody. To my gym class I leave all our dirty jokes. I leave to Cindy a bronzed kneaded eraser. To Hock (Kevin) I leave a pencil. To Laura, I give a dime for ice cream. For Tommy Two, I willingly leave a bottle of champagne for New Year’s and Eve, and a court date for a busted party. To Mike (Gadget) I leave the answers to a test we flunked. And, finally, to B. W. I leave a coat of paint for his V.W.



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