I, DANIEL PLUISTER, being the way I am, write this will, giving away all I have and all I never had but wanted. To my Boyd I leave my tremendous driving ability and my tennis serve; also, I leave two pair of shoes for Tippy. To Mark and Scott I leave a beer and "Creature Features". To Concert Band I give my ability and my sympathy. To Lynn I leave Rory (what more do you want?). To Merry I leave the good times we never had. Joe-take my tone-you need it. To the world-I leave "my dog".


I, KAREN KALED, being of sound mind and body leave to Colonel Mendosa a year’s supply of last year's present. To Paula, I leave Dennis and one Terry, complete with orange juice and a cherry. To Mr. Vazzana, I leave memories of the Gold Dust Twins. To Mr. Gibson I leave one large necked shirt, one calorie counter, one toupee, a matched set of sideburns, and a lectern placed five feet away from the first row of desks. To the future seniors, I leave a year full of escapades and adventures.


I, DIANE HUNT, being of sound (????) mind and body declare this to be my last will and testament. To Mr. Mulderink I leave 5 ticks, a tock or two, 6 warped stroboscopes and 5 demagnetized compasses, To Linda memories of a certain algebra test and "How to Enrich Your Vocabulary". To Cyd goes 6 weeks worth of advertising to insure her of plenty of work. To Claudette I leave guess who and guess who, a matching set. To Darnell memories of Peggy's party. To choir I leave Boyd for an accompanies,(Band didn't want him). Seeing I ran out of space, the rest goes to the surviving members of the physics and lunch one.


I, JOYCE SMITH, leave the crummy old cheerleading uniforms to the new varsity cheerleading squad. Also, let it be known that the class of '71 is the most spirited, enthusiastic, and record-breaking class that this school has ever seen, or will ever witness. Furthermore, to protect myself from Dale Dukenas' last will and testament, I am asking you to disregard it.


I, WAYNE HOPKINS, will my old, smelly locker to the most unfortunate freshman of next year. To Mr. Mereith more metal. To Mrs. Tomchin more classes like 8th period.


I, KAREN SPALLINA, learning through my experiences, wish to leave the hope that any kid that enters this school finds peace of mind through self and appreciate the education that is given here. I just found this, this year, because I found my love David. And to my love David I leave my future, for only he is worthy of it.



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