I, JAN HARRIS, being of sound mind do hereby bequeath my immense knowledge of the Spanish Language and all my English term papers to Pat Chalupa--for being such a Good Girl!!!!  I'm so proud of you Pat, and that's the truth. To Thalia Georgis, I leave $5.00 so she can get in on a Zayre's special and won't have to go around in those rags anymore. To Chris D. I leave a Gino's pizza and Wally. To Linda Haas, I leave memories of the pool room in the Sheraton Inn, Yes Linda, I know we never ran so fast in our entire lives. To Kathy Cardell, Judy and Carol I leave all my memories of "Horsie" and lastly to Mrs Tomchin, I promise to replenish your flowers every September.


I, CHRISTINE DONALDSON, known to so many as Duck, bequeath the following; To Sharon, Rich that’s all she'd want. To my cousin Don the strength to make it three more years. To Miss Groth, varnish for her wooden leg. Miss Hohn, a Willies Weenie Wagon of her own. To Miss Dorne, a quieter class, and Miss Anderson, the Little Ref. To Jean Brissman, Speech Therapy. Mrs. Wattles, a pin cushion and broken machine needle. To Rich Wates, a lot of notes to get out of P.E.class. Last but most important I leave to Wally, fond memories of the times I'll never regret, "A" in English, Play, and tickets, and some cookie crumbs he left in my locker.


I, WENDY MINX,  To Mrs. Tomczak I leave a book of "I Remember When Stories" Mr. Astrauskas gets a toad. Mr. Crawford gets a good argument. To all the girls at the table I leave a Bottle of Boones. To the administration goes nothing; except the class of "7l" To W.C. I leave all my term papers. To John Mica and Pat Murphy goes a crimp and a rolled up newspaper.


I, BARBARA EDWARDS, being of sound mind and body bequeath to Trudy, the rotten bus service. To Stella I leave $5.00 that I owe her. I leave to Miss Dorne the memories of her uncontrollable 10-11 gym class. To Mrs. Myer I also leave memories of Joan's remarks throughout the whole school year.


I, PAT MURPY, To whomever is wise enough to use them, I leave a valiant army, and my autographed copy of Psycobits Sexualis, the true soul of inspiration.


YVONNE TOMASEK, To Jim ("Junior") I leave all the physics experiments we've done and Simple Dimple. To next year's choir I leave my sympathy


I, GAIL JOHNSON, To Sue Goblisch I leave one gold fish in the locker room and one golf ball. To Renee Fencl- YES. To Bev Stehno- Hey Girl you with the stars in your blouse. To Sandy Whiteford- D.P. And to Mr. Crawford- I'm sorry, But I fell in Love with Bruce.


I, PAT FUESSEL, In my last will and testament I want everyone to know that Karen Farrell is finally gonna get my padded bra she's been asking for. She's gonna be so happy and surprised!



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