I, MICHAEL WEBER, being of sound mind, at least until this year, do hereby bequeath the following; to Harold Mulderink I leave my lab books and a joule, to Paul Burgess, I leave a bomb and a bottle of shampoo. To Gerald Carly I leave my old drawings and a picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise. To John Eskter I Leave my slide rule which he could not use any way. To Paul Dreger I leave 300 push ups and a position in the army. To all of the kids at OLCHS I leave all the good and bad to be cherished by them for all time, with the hope that something good may be received by them and that they will remember all of the experiences encountered to be used in later life.


I, DEB MAGNUSON, To Laura Crement I leave a new 1971 hearing aid. To Nancy Lauterjung I leave a 12 foot high bottle of Vodka. To Dr. Orr I leave a junior class and another booster bus incident. To Rob Rupsch I leave ME and my class ring. To Cindy Cusick I leave all the gum erasers in the art department. To C.J. I leave a new pair of basketball shoes to auction off when he needs the extra money at college.


I, CHRIS ADAMO, To the school, I leave the new Seniors next year to keep the tradition of Booster Busses. To next years Choir I leave a bottle of nerve pills. To Nancy Antonitis I Leave my Library of her books. To Nancy Collura, I leave George and her test tube babies. To Jackie Bingham I Leave Johnny and an engagement Ring.                                    


I, DEBRA DRADO, upon leaving the golden gates of OLCHS leave the bad memories and take the good ones, if any at all. To Miss Hohn I leave a guaranteed lunch at McDonalds as long as she is behind these prison walls. I leave this school HAPPY knowing I shall never return AMEN. Not to forget the juniors and another whole year to sweat out. Eat your hearts out!! Good bye and Good Luck.


I, ANNE DEANGELIS, BEING OF CORRUPT MIND and Mouth do hereby bequeath;1 slightly used lemon pie to Carol (wear it in good health), banana cake and "the last straw" to Rubber Duckie, a ticket and a 20 lb. watermelon to Nelson. Cigarettes to Pam and Gwen (from Marie), art 2 soap suds and Lead bottom to Debbie Al. 5937 Rob Roy Drive to Dale, Rick Schuberth to Susie, and an empty wallet to Rick, and a canoe and a peak to Pike. EIU to Dawn and Jo Ellen, F. Lily Tomlin to Claudette, Florida sunburn to Betty Zick. Mulcrone’s camera to Gail Dip. A candle to Smitty, boys to Douville, Lynn to Rory and Rory to Lynn, and Mrs. Jorden to both of them. Chuck to Tracy, Aul to Barb, C. J. 's autograph to Thalia and Judy, a few more years at O. L. to Teresa, Barb and Debbie--enjoy them. And best wishes to everyone. I've forgotten, a roll of fusia toilet paper to Duck.


I, NANCY ANTONITIS, Being of sound mind and body leave to Debbie my locker standing space so no one else gets pushed in as they are standing there. Mr. Eckman I leave you my great spelling ability in the hopes you never use it. Ann I leave you all the teachers and chicken soup you can find. To Jan, I leave her favorite teacher, you know who Jan. My homeroom teacher I leave you next years freshman to start the new year right. To my Russian class I can leave you nothing because they have seen fit not for you to continue.



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