I, Lynn Lurgio, being of sound mind and little body leave the following; To Nancy I leave all my bettie's a taco, a new ride to school, and fond memories of Karen. To Pan- "Oh my God" and 2¢ for ketchup. To boyd* rice crispes, creature features, and Weber. To Dan- a Tuesday afternoon and a cleaner mind to Dave Wallace. To Debbie and Jean- a car full of gossip. To Scott- a date and a beer to Sweetie. To Anne- dirty jokes and 5¢. To Billy- GREAT! To Rory I leave nothing - because I’m taking him with.


I, Jan Slager, leave Mr. Burrus all to his panels, wires and machines. I leave Barb Edwards a can of deodorant. I leave Nancy Antonitis with Mr. Marcordes. I leave to all of next year students the crowded buses and to the whole school the cafeteria food.


I, Kathy Krause, leave to the Junior Peppers Mrs. T.  To Marcia Page, I leave fifty pennies in tips and a match, which you never seem to have. To Cindy Flinchum, I leave Tom McCarthy. To Pete Hansen, I leave a belt for his jeans. And the school I leave …… ……Gladly.


I, Bruce Porebski, do hereby bequeath the following items to those who can best benefit by them. To Mr. Astrauska-my old gymmers and 13 warty toads. To Buckweed- "No more Tangles". To Waldo- Omega Lambda. To Terry-some bad potato juice. To Pam S.- Some teeth to smile with. To Tony Chat-a pair of Alligator Gloves. To "Fast" Ed- $1.00 and many thanks. To my hero "Zen"- my old kingdom. To Mr. Kammarchok-A pet chipmunk. To Mr. Dunn- The other 23 feet and a big bunch of thanks. To John Orr M. D. I leave a new practice.


I, Tracy Peddycord, being of sound mind and bod, leave to Miss Hempstead all the Hershey's almond Candy Bars she can eat; to Barb Falbo I leave all my old, moldy dictation notebooks; to Mr. Gibson I Leave a pair of hot pants (with a chick in them of course). I leave to Lisa Pressley 25 cases of Binaca, which should last her at least a year (in case she spills a few), and two packages of red twizzlers. To Mr. Astrauska I leave my beloved oatbag. To Charlie Brown (you know who you are) I leave the good advice of Lucy. And last of all, I leave Oak Lawn H. S. to my sister Robin, Best of Luck.


I, June Lederer, being of sound mind and body, wish to leave Sue; $3.25, to pay back Harvey (maybe even get dessert), and a small paper plate. Val; a shiny new pair of paddy paws. Peggy; a new kite and another trip to Monk's Castle. Thalia; ½ ice cream bar. Chris; one-way ticket to holiday and 1OO pair of pants, I hope you won't run out. Bobbie; trip to Hawaii. Marianne: a ride home from homecoming. Buffy: a tootsie pop from Mr. French. Cheri: 6 reservations for the penacle, a golf ball and a pecan pie.

Carol Waiter: some typing paper. John: a picnic, a rock,????????????? phone calls, to apologize. Gary: a boutonnière. And Clyde: 1 phone call.


I, Linda Loomis, being of sound mind and body leave the class of 71' and the class of 72' memories of all the parties I've had in the past, and a great big party at the end of the year so I can return all your empties.



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