I, JO ELLEN TIEBERG, having no mind after 4 years at OLCHS, do hereby leave to Bonnie Shaw one bag of moldy dry clay and a garbage can of sewage mud. To Sally I leave Paco. To Rickie Crawford I leave one broken ski. To Mrs. A. I leave one chicken bone and pins and needles to sit on. To upcoming SGC members I leave Mr. Yara with my best wishes. And to the school I leave the memories of being number 2 with the help of the class of ‘71.


I, TOM TALSMA, I leave my memories (those which I remember) of the booster bus to LINCOLNWAY to the administration of OLCHS. To the Teacher's Union I leave the hundreds of empty soda cans out at swallow cliffs. To Scott MacRitchie I leave one broken chair from his birthday bash. To Jerry Grosz I leave the toilet that he slept in all night in Champaign. To Rick Schuberth I leave a picture of Nancy Apitz who he still loves even though she _____ him. To Mr. George Dunn I leave all the haircuts and shaves I was required to get every spring.


I, JANET LAURENCELL, leave Josie a house full of goodies and Modern Dancing. To Lynn Knight I leave the memories of Leo and Lolly, and a loud alarm clock. To Cindy Cusick I leave my new dance steps and the forest preserves. To Luna a pair of Jeans and a pill. To Mary Lou I leave one fish and two beans. To Cindy O'Brien I leave one gym shoe and a live crab. To Linda Middleton our 18th of the 16th. To Scott MacRitchie I leave Jan, Ernie, and My Three Sons. The school I leave?


I, JIM BOCINSKI, would like to leave Lew Scaduto my green shoestrings. I would like to leave lapper my old suitcase; Art Parker my converse; Jim Klimek my three empties; Bob Carr my head band and my wrist bands; Bob Gates my back brace; Hazzard my Cincinnati Royals shirt; Jeri Schuman two peices of hard salami; Wendy my golden basketball; Vince a nickle for a bag; C.J. a band-aid and Mr. Lewis my high-jumping shoe.


I, JOAN LIVIGNI, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To Tom Sheldoff I leave all that is good, but usually isn’t. To Michelle Conzo I leave the philosophy of Kahil Gibran. To future library aids I leave lots of library debts. To Mr. Leary I leave Denise Ray and Linda Hamer. To Junior girls I leave all the balls in the girls gym. To Joseph Ricken I leave all the theatrical talent. Finally to Tim O'Grady I leave another year of misery.


I, SUE FERDINANDSEN, being of sound mind and body do bequeath the following: To Sylvia I leave 2 Tom Collins and a six pack; to Linda I leave the shiniest golf club I can find; to Sue, I leave a heart carved with “S.C. + J.-“; to June I leave laughs, laughs and more laughs; to Ron I leave a can of Gilette foamy and a silverplated comb; to Tracy I leave an Easter egg; and last but not least to Paul I leave ---well something.


I, DAWN MERVOSH, being of sound mind and body (?), leave to my best friend Jo Ellen a set of directions on how to get to her locker; to Anne DeAngelis, all the Spartan Spirit left from our class plus all the chocolate cake she wants; to Gwen Sullivan (Tweety) a box of bird seed; to Teri Nosal, a bottle for her Corky; to Pam Cunningham I leave Serb Power; to Carol Levin all the fun in our French classes and at our meetings; to Jeannine Bradley all my chemistry notes; to Sue I leave Bill; to Gail I leave lots of luck plus the book How To Get A Good Laugh; -and to everyone else, lots of luck ‘cause you'll need it.



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