I, JANETTE KELLEY, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave the golf balls from the girl's gym to next year's seniors. To Pam Wallace a pack of gum. To Janice Audia my laugh, I leave Jim Jonas, Barb and an empty bottle of red cream soda. To my cousin, Pudge Laidlaw, I leave nothing because he thinks he's got everything, and to my best friend, Patsy Kasley, I leave one whole year for her to walk to school.


I, NANCY CRAWFORD, To Pam Gabry I leave wrong way one way streets and "Lover's Sundaes". To Patti Kardes I leave "underwater contacts" and a size 42 bathing suit. To "Thalia" I leave toboggans and roller skates. To Cindy McClure I leave a countryside policeman. To John Tasker I leave New Year's Eve after the brawl. To Terry Porembsky I leave those false teeth, "Le Pere Goriot" in Russian, and the Red Balloon. To the Fukawies I leave those sloppy joes. To Patti Kardes and Nancy Lauterjung I leave instant tears. To Janet LaurenceIl I leave pee wee golf.


I, VICTORIA RUZGIS, being of lose brains and a fine bedy do bequeath these following items to the following persons: To Donna Wagner I leave Mr. Chuck Yara and his baby grand. To Linda Middleton I leave an elephant, an orange, and a wild pitch. To Nancy (sweet innocent Nancy Lauterjung) I leave a bedroom ensemble, complete with movable parts, (Anything to keep you off your feet). To my sister Loretta I leave her a wonderful future at OLCHS. To Larry I leave a better chance at baseball and all the memories that nobody else could have made better. To Janet Filliccia I leave not knowing how to do anything but getting married . And to all those I forgot to mention, I leave best wishes.


I, CHERYL PETERSEN, being of sound mind and body bequeath the bus system to the sardines in OLCHS. To Mrs. Barsches I leave a little boy holding a rose. To Kathy and Deb I leave a pastor and a set of finger paints. To Mrs. Crickson I leave a painting and cleaning fluid and supply of oils and a janitor. To Miss Dorne I leave Arnold Palmer. To Mr. Vazzana I leave a secretary and attendance slip and all the luck in the future with his little boy. To Bob Lindelsee I leave a basketball net and luck in the future.


I, LINDA BONAMER, leave Mr. Burdan some free passes to my restaurant & my consumer Ec. Book, to Cindy O'Brien I leave all the diets in the world and Eddie forever, to Jo Ann I leave some rainy days and Frankie, and Bob. To Diane I leave all the things we had to do on the weekends and Lance. To Debbie I leave of course the good old Hospital and a broken tape player, and of course Teeley too. To Sandie I leave all the friends in the world and Mike's apartment. To Becky Shaeffer I leave Gary and the Syndrome. Last but not least I leave Cusik some rainy days and all the good times at Canteen. And, to Lu Ann I leave lO gym outfits and Mrs. Tomczak.


I, TOMMY TU, Leave the following: Nancy- a house without stairs, Mr. Stoy-all the empty---cans and after curfew parties in 427. Kathy- Two unseen sun rises of Miami, plus one crayfish. Dore - One flashlight, plus an unopen bottle, which we must split. Administration - Vague memories of Lincolnway plus more “white puppets”. Junior Guy - Senior battle cry and lots of luck! Diane, a bottle, with a “Do not disturb” sign. Mr. Tucker - One unfinished project and a bucket of chicken, plus my discarded clothes. Sue-a bottle, a car, drive-ins and a chicken. To OLCHS - I say BYE!!!!



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