I, CINDY O’BRIEN, To Andrea I leave my apartment full of Schlitz and Bobby. To Janet I leave a mussle and chocolate cream pie, to Renee I leave my ribbons, to Bonamer I leave my Frizzies, To Dore I leave my records and a modern dance, To Sandy I leave my Eli’s Coming, To Barb and Charlie I leave a used bedroom set and an alarm clock; To Mr. Tucker I leave a new head of hair, to Mrs. McMahon I leave my clay rabbit and last but not least to Eddie Baby I leave a pack of gum, a qt. of root beer and myself forever!


I, PEGGY LEINWEBER, First to my alltime best buddy, Mr. Huck whom I owe a spaghetti dinner at my house, I leave all the little perfume pens (if they haven't already run out of ink). To Miss Hohn I leave all the poor kids who have her for two straight years. (just kidding L.H.) To all my room mates on the Florida trip last year, Wendy Minx, Linda Loomis the rest who aren't here any longer, I leave you-know-what. And finally to Dave, I leave me.


I, JACK DOYLE, To Bob Carr I leave a cardinal; to Allen Herbold, a degree in Diesel Mechanics; to Mark Vinci, the B&M Award; To Scott Trapp a pair of sugar lips; To C.J. a pair of elevator shoes; to Jim Klimek the Presidency to the T.T. fan club; to Jim Bocinsky I leave Ray Meyer; to Mark Miller a couple of tickets to the Sheridan; to Doc Akin I leave Second gear; to Kim Luckett I leave my blue jeans and swearshirts; to Sue Unger I leave a room full of mirrors; to the "Dream Couple" I leave the golden key to everlasting happiness.


I, JOE FERENCAK, here declare this to be my last will and testament. To my mother and father I leave my car unless I can take it with me. To Mrs. Maloney I leave her hall pass and Barb. To Jackie "Twit" I leave some money for food and an undented can of K.D.; to Keith S. I leave half of that undented can of K.D.; To Dr. Tiemey I leave my ping-pong racket. To Murphy I leave his "chump". To OLCHS I leave my brother.


I, BETH HYNES, being of Sound mind and body, leave to Andie, a load of tardy passes, a course in auto mechanics, a night in the tent, as well as the memories of all the times we've shared. To Pat I leave a pair of Ears and a ride on a snowmobile. To Pam I leave all the ski weekends she can find out about and a bottle of sun-in. To Eleanor I leave a new Japanese watch (meet you at Turn Style at 11:007). To Sue I leave cracker jacks. To Eileen I leave John. To Teresa I leave a hayride. To Teresa, Didi and Laura, I leave the bus new experiences and twice the good times I've had.


I, KIM FOLLARD, will remember OLCHS and its many memories. To Lisa I leave a bottle of wine and a handky - use it wisely; To Greg and Mike I give you what you deserve, NOTHING. To Nancy D. I leave you many? To Dave in Earth Science I leave you a Dog collar and you know what to do with it. To the Varsity Cheerleaders and Sports teams, let's go all the way in '72.



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