I, NANCY LAUTERJUNG, leave the great record hit “The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to Linda. To Sue I leave the Chinese people and a bottle and Tom? To Kathy Hud, I leave her a stack of baloney and her problems. To Lama I leave her her hoggie hunting and her 5bb’s. To Dore I leave Jim, Cliff, Don, Bob, Steve... To Kim Luckett I leave “Good Luck" at prom. Boo-bad I leave you another joke and a wet fish. To Deb Magnuson I leave her her Champaign bruise. To Tom I leave Sue-sob*. Craig Phillips I leave a six pack. To OLCHS I leave the memory of the great fakowies from Champaign and the Ski-weekend.


I, ROBERT WILTSHIRE, being of sound mind and uncertain body bequeath the following items to the proper person. I leave football to the stars, track to the workers, and wrestling to the idiots. To Mr. Dunn I leave a video tape and a lazy shot putter. To Mr. Lawson I leave huge stacks of ungraded lab books. To Hefty I leave tons of weights and lots of practice. To Bob Burke I leave Mr. Craig. To Mr. Hill I leave an extremely large hill of detention slips. To Mr. Burdan I leave a copy of the book "How to attract smelt in one easy lesson". And finally to all the juniors I leave another year of high school.


I, GAIL SMITH, Being of more-or-less sound mind and less sound body, do bequeath the following: To the much more competent hands of Pam Green, I leave SGC. To Miss Williams I leave winning battles. To my sister I leave lots of luck at home. To Phyllis I leave hope. Te Mrs. Sherry I leave good times in Europe. To Dawn I leave Christmases. To Herbie I leave Puns. To Pam I leave my voice. To seniors I leave good and bad memories of the hole and a better future. To the underclassmen I leave much patience.


I, CLAUDETTE GIBSON, leave the sunshine Princess a cucumber, 8 by l0 glossy of John Lady holding a firefly, and Hairy Midget and State Street. To little Laurel-- Susan, creature features, and the Men's shop at the Plaza. To Arline & Kathey--Golden Boy and thee Bennie Algebra classes. To Bonnie--T.L. & Wartburg. To Rasa --peach brandy & Lithuian boy scouts. To Rick S. Advanced Biology labs, and "where's my ring?". To Andy McClure -- Who's BUSINESS is slacking, lay offit! To Anne D. -- a pregnant brine shrimp. To Claudia and Betty --muzzles, OLCHS, petty cash and Blue Velvet. To G.K. and J.K. (*), two fairy nice people, thanks for a wonderful year. To C. Baumeister (Miss Amino Acid)--the 15 original copies of my project paper and Bryant Jennings. To Diane H. Hoch's vocal Chords. To Flash the Physics teacher, one copy of "The sensuous AMMETER" by Vernon Volt.


I, MARIANNE GELECKE, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave one "fuzzy" to Miss Hempstead and the other one to Jo. To Peg Connelly, I leave a years supply of IBM cards. To Laura D. I leave Morry and Denny. To Bill, I leave the 87th Street Bus. To Johnny U., I leave a stick of gum. To Sue C., I leave Bucky. To Dunlap I leave a horn. To Mrs. T I leave the top of my deoderant can. To Lederer, I leave the memories, of Homecoming. To Mike I leave good times and a Temptation album. To Franks I leave a golf club and to Kuchie I leave the ball. To Pam I leave Terry and 9/10 study hall. To Bobbie I leave Poindexter, To Gather I leave a half a half of a sandwich. To Laura F. I leave my fritos. To Don I leave a school year and a can of beer. To Ray, I leave stock car races and wonderful times. To all my other friends I leave the happy memories we had in the four years we spent in OLCHS.



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