I, DIANE SPAJER, being of semi-sound mind, do bequeath the following: To Chris Bushbach-better luck in "327" and that motorcycle we couldn’t catch. -Sue Campbell, her own copy of the Book: (and one written especially for me by .....). -to Vince, a new pipe. -to next years tech crew, all the blood, sweat, and tears of the light booth and a musical. -to Uncle Joe, rubber ducky, to Brian Ferjack, an empty locker and "Brigadoon", to R.O.T.C., a better float and good parades, to sarge, a clean garage and all the cupcakes he can eat. To Jack, a years supply of carnations. to colonel all the Nickoban he needs and Soma. to Mrs. Tomchin all the flowers I borrowed and our bagels. To Anne, the Cubs and John forever. Finally, to the "GROUP" wherever you are, a lonely year, and memories of good times. "And the same from me to the "GROUP" cause I miss 'em all especially one whom shall remained nameless Anne.


I, LYNN KNIGHT, leave Cindy Cusick an empty stage lit up, to Luann Kay I leave all the memories of cutting and the daily sequence of "Groove" in the bathroom, to Joann Kane, I leave my job at the restuarant and also a new two wheeler, and a pair of Hot Pants, to Janet Laurencell, I leave Bill and Bill and Bill and Bill and a ten minute trip home May 7., to Mary Lau, I leave the street of 88th and a new tongue., to Gandy and Jean , I leave my love (get it?) and also the memories of Champaign, Springfield and Klye. to Mrs. Carr I leave a new wardrobe and a bun for the top of her hair, and also my admiration! To Mrs. T, I leave her in a sandtrap, to Lynne Boyle- my typewriter. To Nancy C. I leave Italiano.to Terry P. I leave all my cool.


I,CATHERINE VALAKAKIS, being of rattled brain and body, do hereby dispose of my possessions in the following manner: Upon Miss Doran I bestow the Greatest Teacher a~ard. To Holly I grant the largest Badminton-Carom Board Champion Trophy in the world. To "Tiger" I leave winks and mutilated program cards. To Gearse I bequeath one stomach pump and a promise to see him at U.S. 30 this summer. For Nina, George, Carol and Doug I wish happiness. To Stephen I leave Rosemary. To Rosemary I leave tranquilizers. To future jaywalkers I leave crossing guards. To the future (and present) OLCHS students-sympathy!


I, BEV STEHNO, leave to Sue nothing because of the cut about stars! That goes for Gail too. To everyone else, you've got the best advantage, to leave this school, to the Jr. Peppers, I leave you Mrs. T. To "Legs" Capretz, I leave one goose. I leave to Rick--all those broken test tubes. To "Slits" what can I say, I'll give you 3 nails because Pam took them away. To Pam Spero, I can't leave you Brad so I'll leave you a crusty new one. To the weatherman thank you for one rainy day and again to Mrs. T, thank you.


I, PAM CUNNINGHAM, being of sound mind and body, hereby leave to Jan - Concordia, Dennis White, Simon, Vinnie, PS, & Mr. Ross. To Owen I leave J.A., C.G., S.E., C.D., C.M., N.S., R.C., K.S., S.M., S.V., B.S., K.T., etc. To Lynnie I leave the Bible, Saturday nights (2), a house in hometown, betties, and lumps. To Boyd I leave three in the front seat and J.C. & A.P. Boredom. To my Dan I leave 50 gallons of after shave. To Scott I leave a divorce. To Mark I leave a beer and a haircut. I leave Nancy toasty warm tacos on the clock, Canulli, and her own folder next year. To Cathy I leave her Journal which she left in my locker (you should be more selective about who you write about) and last I leave to RGP lifetime supply of used eb clarinent reeds (No. 3) and all the cork grease he can eat.



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