I, VICKI LOIPERSBEK, of sound and sane mind and body leave the following: to Virg, I wish the best of luck and hope that things turn out all right. To Cyd and the rest of my friends who I eat with, I leave the unfinished floods we made. To Lin I leave the memory with her of the story of the Egyptians, and of the times we had in gym. To Mrs. Gallina I leave my bent straight pins, which after 4 years are in pretty good shape. To the students of OLCHS I leave nothing of value except worse times. The ones I went through to control my mind on something other than school. To Miss Dawid I leave my unfinished painting - a straight line, to Sally and the rest of the gang, good luck always.


I, JAY KLASEK, being of sound body and mind leave a warning to all the girls next year. There is a guy running around school that should be arrested and locked up. He's a bad influence on female integrity. He should be ashamed of what he does at parties, he gets fresh with girls, he should confine himself to home where nobody can see him do whatever he does there, so watch out for him he is a killer. Quit while you’re ahead, Bill.


I, JIM DAVIDSON, being of sound mind and body? leave to Mike K and Carl Krause, Mr. Gates; to Mr. Gates I leave one dozen mobbys, to coach Hoskins I leave one free golf lesson; Nachst to P.J.G. I leave the tab for rocking the boat; to Miss Leable I leave the Rich East Basketball game. To Bill Kruder I leave a Pistol Pete Maravish hairdo kit. To Dan Allan and Paul Hudiech I leave a rematch for one-on-one contest; and now to OLCHS I leave.



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