I, WARREN JONES, leave to Rob a clean 3-piece couch. To John, I leave a Puerto Rican cat. To Sergeant O'Neil, I leave my football pictures and hope he enjoys them. To Mr. Lynch I leave a free course called "How to Speak in Public". To Mr. Gibson I leave "The Imitator of The Year" award for his portrayals of W. C. Fields, Bill Cosby, Flip Wilson and various others. To Dr. Orr, I leave an invitation to the next Wack coma-bash as our guest of honor.


I, LYNN BOYLE, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write my last will and testimony. To my old pal Mable I leave my husband George and my two sons, Menard and Germaine. To IO, Kim and Diane, I leave a bag of "french fries". To Duce I leave a deck of cards. To Gilatti I leave my admiration to a guy with "class". To Tertz I leave the fond memories of "Al's", To Nancy I leave my memories of "New Year's Eve”. To Tiez I leave one chocolate egg. And last, but not least, I leave a bag of hate and a strap to keep Mr. Yara's toes down while he directs. And to my beloved O.L.C.H.S. I leave my 3 sisters who will soon be entering its beloved halls.


I, JOE BARTKOWIAK, being of sound mind and body hereby leave this school. To Brian, good luck (you'll need it). To Miss Bury I leave my typewriter that skips. To my typing class I leave 5,000 lbs of typing paper and one eraser. To Pam C. I leave next year's birthday present (wear it in good health). To the band I leave memories of band parties and good times ( I hope they get out of their rut). To Bill F. I leave 15,O00 bottles of Sebasa and one Les Paul. To Art H. I leave 50 used harps (comps. of J. B. music) and to Kook-A-Bonga, 3,000 nubies and a set of Rogers.


I, PEGGY HEIN, am going to leave the administration with my example of a clean wholesome girl and to tell them that it isn't possible, but on the other hand, it might work, but if they try this could happen so maybe they better not. To Miss Anderson I leave my whistle to give to her Pepper in the pool next year. To Teri Nosal I Give my egg beaters. To Miss Groth my perfect attendance record. And to everyone at my lunch table a Bob.


I, MARIANNE ANDRASEK, leave to the junior class all my cheat sheets and lot of luck. To Claudia Fink I leave a life-time supply of M & M's. I leave elevated shoes to Betty Murray, a gaint nicky to Barb and a small skunk and unpaid dues to the club members of Delta Omicron Nu. I leave my physics lab to my brother and Karen. To Kathy Butz, I leave my thanks for Wayne's labs. And to Bill I leave the lunch I stole from him.


I, SUE KOUKOL, of sound mind and body leave to Robin Peddycord, Tom Sullivan, and Melody Wallace, all the "A's” that I ever got, since they never seem to get any. To Rollo I leave all the girls what he can handle. To Greg Lindgren I leave someone who, "thinks he's nice!". To Mr. Vazzana, I leave an autographed picture of the Golddust Twins. Last, but not least to Mr. Gibson my favorite Government  teacher, I leave 1 pair of baggy, faded Levi’s, 1 calorie counter, 1 toupee, and all the “Chicks” on old MacDonald’s Farm.



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