I, MIKE DELPRIORE, being of sound mind and bod..do hereby leave Mrs. Gilpin--Vince. I leave Mr. Burrus the 407 I blew up. I leave everyone in room 210 the glue to make balls with when the teachers go on strike. I leave Debbie this .... school for one more year, room 36 and hunger walks. To Murph and Deb I leave all my old teachers and the lounge that MY class fought for. To Jan I give you room 112 and all my bad luck (don't worry Jan I’ll never tell). To Northern I leave you the rest of my Bad luck, Rory.


I, TERRY NOSAL, upon my departure from O.L.C.H.S. leave a cup of tea to Mr. A., and Angel and Devil in charge of one another; to Trace, Bummer ski trips; to Ray, my Rubber Duck; to Danny, a pound of whiskey sours; to Peg, an eggbeater; to Chris, Porky Pig but Tweety Pie to Kathy; to Pattie, chocolate pudding; to Florence, my red jumpsuit; to Lynn, Wicked woman cologne; to Ted, last year's student announcements; to Pam, Pete; to Pat, Andy; to Nellie, barrels and a sketch; and to Anne, all of 1971. And to all my friends I leave my sincere thanks.


I, ROSEMARY JAVORSKI, leave to Renee lots of laughs, some silly secrets and my white afro for whenever she needs it. To Ken I leave my bent sheriff's badge and a tarnished whistle. Liz can have all my broken reeds plus a book on how to tune her instrument. Because Jim S. never found Jerry P. I leave him Simple Dimple to haunt him the rest of his life. To Mr. Mulderink I leave Joe Physics to guide over him and keep him from giving anyone an easy time. To Bill G. I leave my Micky Mouse ears and a big post card saying "Thanks".


I, SCOTT MACRITCHIE, leave first of all, to Mr. Parks, athletic director, my varsity swimming letter that I didn't really want anyway. I leave to Rick Schuberth, my favorite baseball bat so he can mess me up if anything happens to his family. I leave to friend Pat Murphy a few dozen locks of my hair for when his time comes and his hair goes. To Astro Jerry Gwotz I leave an iron pipe to beat Ronnie with. To Gary I leave a pair of shoes with lifts. To my best friend Moto, a keg for college, best wishes.


I, MARIA LEE COSENTINO, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To Mrs. McMahon and the art department my obstinacy and hard work. To Miss Hohn-a 10 coupon towards a pkg. of Northern Tissue Paper. To Miss Dorne-a box of requiem cards. To Mrs. T.-the hopes of a pepper just like me. To those at my lunch table a book of dry humor and witty sayings. To Carol-April Fools, to Anne-50, to Pam-a pkg. of cigarettes, to Stosh-the "bottomless pit", to Joan-Bob(?) and lots of happiness, to Debi-I wish 12 children, and to all my friends I did not mention I wish a life of happiness.



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