I, PAM DUVAL, leave all my love and my worldly possessions to my David in return for the love and happiness he's given me. And I hope everyone finds peace and contentment in all they do.


I, MARY LAU, bequeath my possessions to the following: Cindie Cusick-all the mogees from the dental building. To Lynn Knight a dart board with a life-size portrait of L. Carr and Leo. To Janet LaurenceIl a tape recorder with a prayer on it so she can just play that before she drives. To Luann Kay all the picnics and her sister. To Joann Kane good luck with Frank or Bob, whichever. To Nancy Crawford club and the many things we accomplished. To Jean and Candy Springfield, English, Wait Until Dark. To Mrs. Carr Three thousand future Mary, Jean and Lynn's. To Mike Galati a chain of Arthur Murray dance studios. To Denny everything. To Peg Kelliher Dr. Kosten to do with as she pleases.


I, JOHN LAVALLE, first of all, would like to leave my ragged gym clothes, that I had since my freshman year, to the gym coaches. Second, to the auto shop I leave all my tools, and some parts to my car that I have lost. Third, to the art department I leave all my worthless paintings, crayons and coloring books. Fourth, to the cafeteria I leave my stomach, and all the silverware that I have stolen, within the past four years. Lat of all to the metal shop I leave my half completed projects and a little aluminum.


I, GREG HATSTAT, being of corrupt mind and hopeless body leave the following: To Coach D. I leave my sympathy for what is to come and relief for what just left. To Liz, I leave Mr. Woj and all my time in the cold shower. To Mr. Woj I leave Liz and my wish of good luck. To Pam I leave an empty locker, her lunch, and 570 cents for next year's milk money.


I, MIKE PACKO, of no mind but sound body leave the following: To Coach Dreger the twelve towels and two pairs of socks I acquired during the season. To Miss Leable a life size inflatable replica of Bob Wiltshire. To Next Year's Shield Staff a lot of hard work and a bit of a debt. To All Students of O.L.C.H.S, I leave you with the ruling hands of Mr. Lynch and Dr. Orr. Have fun! To those people I don't like I just leave. And to Pam Green I leave Allison, p. from o.p., her own books, and me forever.


I, BARB DENGLER, leave Mr. Burdan the key to George Dunn's bathroom and a married life with 6 kids. To Char I leave a kiss and to Bets I leave Randy and her contacts. To Mr. Gates I leave car #8 completely demolished in a car wreck. To Janet I leave my typing eraser and index cards. To Kim I leave my sweatshirt and to Patty I leave problems with Tony. Last but not least to DeAngelis I leave my locker, a yellow hat and raincoat, and a tricycle.


I, JAMES GILLEN, being of not so sound anything after 4 years of school in this glorious institution of learning, hereby give to my dear friend Marge all the bookholders in this school and a timer clock that never stops ringing. To the juniors in my print class I leave one more wonderful year with good old J.P.  To Mrs. Meyers I leave her with a short 1,000 page report on the fungus growth in the United States Constitution. Footnoted. And to everyone else, I just leave.



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