I, ELEANOR DIZON, being of sound mind and body leave Mr. Astrauskas a delicious bowl of fresh monkey brains. To Mr. Stone I leave an open bottle of sulfur. I leave to Lisa a bottle of Ripple and to my twin cousin I leave enough pictures and notes to last all year.


I, CHRIS PIKE, leave OLGPE rubberbands and T.P.; future Pepper's "story-time”; Peg another Bob?; Paul C., a chair; Pammy, my deodorant; KD, a wig and "foul", Miss A., another form; my strumming partner, a glass of iced tea with love; Kathy, pointsetta spray and a sun song; R. Skoubert, a slow watch; Teri. strange lines; Pam G., a tardy detention. To Dave W. a gum wrapper and a never received tennis lesson; Dan, a used formula and a red rose like everybody gives everybody,..almost; M. Tomchin, a bullhorn for 2nd period. To all, a daisy and a song.


I, WENDY KRAISS, leave my third set of gym clothes to Miss Anderson (little one).


I, PAM LOGSDON, being of unsound mind from this School and unsound body from Sr. P. E., leave to O.L.C.H.S. locks for all the doors in all the johns. To Mrs. Tomczak I leave a book on my family heritage with a personal life of all my relatives plus a tape recorder for her own use. To Jean Quealy I leave lots of fun, a beaver coat and a 10 year daily calendar. To Mary Lau and Lynn Knight I leave a sound mind. To Librarians I leave a police dog. To Mike Redmond a quiver of arrows and a girl robot. To O.L.C.H.S., as a present, I simply leave.


I, KATHY CARDELL, being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave nothing to a school that has given me just that for four years. I leave all my pity and sympathy to all the poor kids who still have to endure this place in future years. To Dawn Mervosh, I leave a sheet of carbon paper and a year's supply of timed writings. To Carol Levin, I leave one record of Scarborough Fair; to Jan Harris I leave all our memories of Horsie. To Judd Fritts, I leave one free piano lesson so she can give her long-awaited concert.


I, RORY WEILER, being of disputably sound mind, do hereby bequeath the following to the following: to Mr. Orr, an off-the-record comment; to Dan, an apology; to Boyd and Pam, a book of short paragraphs and two bottles of No-Doze; to Gibber, the “A” I never got; to Joel, my footsteps, a beat-up car, and all my dirty gym suits; to Mike, a year’s supply of empty bread bags, and enough gas to ride around Hometown for the rest of your life; to Herb, a clenched fist and my thanks; to Herrn PJG, all of my extra credit and a tab to pick up; and last, but not least, to Lynn I leave . . . and me.



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