I, IRENE DONOVAN, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath the following: To Mr. Hammer I leave my old gym shoes, which he can sell and get a good profit. To Miss Hemstead I leave all those beautiful machines. To Nancy I leave a lunch table to eat at by herself. And to all the poor unfortunate underclassmen I leave this school.


I, KATHY BUTZ, leave all of my old algebra tests to Scott Trapp, our dissected cat to Kim Jones, all of my golf skills to Sue Goblisch, the locker to Eileen Kosiba, my track shoes to Chris Pike, Patty Ehrler, Kathy Goltz, and Peggy Rein, the green bagles we never got to Mrs. Tomchin and our letter from President Nixon to Bev Emery and the holiday to Bev Stehno.


I, CINDY MCCLURE, being of sound mind and body (hmm!), do hereby bequeath my meager possessions to the following and also to the poor souls who still have time to serve at good ole' O.L.C.H.S.  To the members of the fabulous (cough!) Concert Band I leave one book entitled, 99 1/2 Rules on Challenging: Memoirs of G2. To the boss, I leave $4.00 for the lesson I didn't take, 1 moldy white buck and a rubber duckie. To Mr. Nowlan, I leave a banana, Ba(Na)2, and a defective Flash Gordon squirt gun filled with 4ml of hickle and 2 ml of distilled water. To Miss Hohn, I leave 2 cans of Silly String and one untied gym shoe. To Mr. Mulderink, I leave 6 ticks (and a few lice), leaky ripple tanks, and Mathletes (oh, boy!). Last, but not least, I leave to all my great friends at O.L.C.H.S. memories of all the fantastic and zany times we had. I did not mention any names but a few teachers' for fear that I'd forget one of you. Believe me, I'll never forget any of you; ever!


I, NANCY LEE GUSTAFSON, being of somewhat sound mind leave this school. To Mr. Ricken; the trying days of "HONEY”, to Mrs. Gallina the fun-filled days of Home Ec. I, II, III, and IV. To Mr. Horejs the knowing that he did teach me something. I also leave many fond memories of all the friends I made here. To Sheri Zawodniak the house that smelled like a morgue. To Judy Erickson the thought that I nearly drowned you. To Chris Donaldson the neato scotch bottle with the little man inside. To Cheri Westbrook a seat on the bus.


I, SUE CAMPBELL, being of sound mind and body leave to Marianne (Kay) Gelecke one roller skate, a “F” exam and Roy. To June Lederer I leave one can of deoderant, a rotten gym sock and a shower and one paper plate since the other one is filled with names of boys. To the gang at the "Martinique Table" I leave Homecoming. To Thalia Georgis I leave 5 telephones and a wrestling meet. To Ed Storming I leave 117 and this year's basketball games. To Sue Ferdinanson I leave one bowling ball and 2nd lunch. To Bill Buttner a lesson on footnoting. To all the kids on the Florida trip I leave peeling noses. To Chris Deenlay I leave a pair of suede shoes and a bag of dust. To my sister Nancy I leave you years of happiness?



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