I, DALE BUKENAS, with deep appreciation, would like to leave Miss Amino Acid one lab book filled with data and answers; one adv. biology book test questions and essay questions underlined and one bag of instant cuts and jokes to remember me by. I would like to leave Joyce Smith booze party memories, police chases, JB, dunes etc., etc., etc. and all our bumming around and trouble we made together. Carol Constantine; Cos; Anne; all the fun we had getting into messes. All the cutting, joking, and wild ideas we shared. Most of all I would like to leave my friends much love and success.


I, CANDY LOCKWOOD, leave to my “ma" all of the Vek-a-vee's she can handle. I leave to Lynn Knight, Kyle from Springfield. To Mary Lau her game of tripoli. To Marilyn, I leave the memories of freshman Halloween. To my cousin, the town of Meagwood. To Pam S., I leave Florida and Ricky Riccardo. To M. G., all of my hate. I leave to Sporty Guy, my sister Sharon and Marilyn. And to my sister Jonnie, I leave none of my experience and Rol Tasker.


I, MARIE ROTH, leave to all you lucky underclassmen all those parking tickets I've gotten throughout the year. I give you the parking spot I never had. But most of all I just leave!


I, ELLAN GALLAGHER, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath the following: To Robert Yelnicker, Jr. I leave myself. To Rose Gulli I leave "big" thoughts. To my lunch table I leave a package of napkins and a container of salt. To Nina Patula I leave all the happiness a marriage can bring. To Diana Smith I leave a "D''. To Mrs. Tadey I leave a book of jokes. And to all my friends I leave my eternal friendship and wishes of good luck.


I, LINDA KLEMKA, being of questionable sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to Claudette one Easter card depicting "stuffed puff”, a slide rule to use as she wishes, and the permanent title of “Westinghouse Princess." To Sue one first place trophy and Christmas cookies to be used as hockey pucks for the Black Hawks. To Miss Baumeister one hydra imitation, a 30 page lab write-up and my thanks. To Mr. Mulderink a 2 volume set on the "Joys of Chemistry." To Mr. Nowlan one Flash Gordon squirt gun and my thanks. To Mr. Hess a whip and free bowling lessons.


I, VIRGINIA STROSSNER, being of sound mind and body do hereby leave the students of this school the superb bus service and the excellent cafeteria food. To Mrs. Wattles I leave my samples of buttonholes. To Mr. Horejs I leave peace and quiet. To Mrs. Bowe I leave my "happiness" collage. To Mr. Stoy I leave memories of the Bahama trip. To Mr. Crawford I leave Shakespeare. To Miss Dorne I leave you with memories of an accidental-prone gym class. To all my friends, especially Vicki, I leave the memories of our tears, laughter, and "floods". And Holly- don't ever forget Brigadoon. And to my brother Pat-good luck in your next 3 years-you'll need it.



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