I, JOHN TASKER, having somehow survived 4 grueling years at O.L.C.H.S., bequeath to the following, a number of fond farewells. To my brother Rol I leave a mountain of red tape for him to wade through in the next few years. To Mr. Wojcik will go a terrifying cold shower. To S. G. and the remaining girls at Oak Lawn I leave each a copy of The Sensuous Woman. To Mr. Kunde I leave a reservation to a football coaches clinic. To the Sarge I leave a powerful hearing-aid so that he may do better spying at the basketball games. To Mr. Dr. John Orr I would like to leave 13 booster buses with liquid refreshments and urinals to boot. To the Board of Education I would like to leave one new negotiator, one new lawyer, and a few new board members. And finally, to the Wacks, I leave a 4 year history of wine, women, song, and trouble, which made life in Oak Lawn just a little more fun and exciting.


I, LARRY BOYK, being of questionable morals leave to the Wacks some good times-our bashes (hey Warren, big bash tonight?), our basketball team, our trip to Champaign, our stupors, etc., to Rob and John I leave the "grand circuit” our fantastic summer vacation. To our lovely administration, I leave the headaches we enjoyed giving them, teachers strike, our cheers, boozer buses, walkouts, etc. To Sarge, I thank him for my unexpectant one week vacation. Right On, Sarge! To the ROTC crew I leave them a new motto "Mental Toughness is groovy." To Vicky, I leave great times, memories and thanks.


I, DAVE APPEL, leave Mr. Pettibone a free motel room. I leave John Tasker a girl that will perform all his little fantasies. To Doctor Orr I leave an autographed picture of Adolf Hitler. To the school board I leave some rocking chairs. I leave Pepper Schedin my car and my hair.


I, ROB RUPSCH, leave behind many great times with the Wacks and Deb. I leave behind my sophomore year of football and our practices at the "slides" this fall. To Mr. Brown, the janitor, I leave all the gum that no one can use. To Sarge I leave a little mental toughness and a ROTC off campus sticker. I leave Warren-pampers for Rat’s cottage. I leave T-bone a book on philosophy when dating. I leave Larry a date with Ernie Banks. I leave Intramural B'Ball Champs. And finally... Doctors belong in hospitals, not schools.


I, CRAIG PHILLIPS, being of sound mind and corrupt thoughts, do here-by leave these people the following: To Coach Dreger I leave four pairs of stolen meet socks and five towels never turned in. To Mr. Mulderink I leave a box of tutti-frutti, multi rainbow, ultra violet colored chalk to last for the next year. To Varsity Club I leave the 300 unsold school cushions to be passed off on the incoming freshmen. To Mr. Gibson I leave two microphones with amplifiers to let the rest of the third floor listen to his lectures. To Mr. Lynch I leave the same school board which did such a ..... job getting us through this year.



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